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Newton Township Home - Fire Department
Fire Department
Newton Township residents are served by the Newton Ransom Volunteer Fire Company, which provides both fire protection and emergency response services in Newton and Ransom Townships.

The Newton Ransom Volunteer Fire Company includes emergency medical technicians, first responders and fire police along with firefighters. The active volunteers are required to undergo extensive training each year in order to meet state-mandated safety requirements. Our current fire chief is James Richards with assitant chiefs, John J. Stemphoski and Dan Mielo. Our EMS Captain is Fred Summerhill, III and fire police captain is Fred Summerhill, Jr.

The company responds to about 150 calls each year and is dispatched through the Lackawanna County Communications Center. Mutual aid is provided among area departments, including Clarks Summit, Chinchilla, Falls, Lake Winola, Duryea, Taylor and Old Forge. Newton residents call for emergency response through 911 dispatch service.

The Newton Ransom Volunteers are very dedicated to providing the best possible service, but they need your support. Please contribute generously during their fund-raising campaigns.

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